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The process of winding up and transferring ownership of an estate (property, cash or possessions) after death is called Probate. Your Executors (or where there is no Will, your personal representatives) often family and beneficiaries, have particular duties and responsibilities towards your estate. BEFORE the estate can be distributed, a Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration will be issued to one or more of your Executors (or personal representatives) willing and able to act.

After death, a number of matters will require attention, these include:

  • Obtaining an original copy of the Will
  • Determining any special directions stated in the Will as to funeral wishes
  • Assisting family and friends in making funeral arrangements
  • Ensuring that the appropriate steps are taken to secure the property of the deceased
  • Obtaining details of property and debts outstanding at the date of death; includes acquiring accurate valuations for property, savings, and any investments.

Once the Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration have been obtained by the Executors, they will undertake the administration of the estate, involving:

  • Gathering assets, closing down accounts, cashing in policies
  • Paying funeral and testamentary expenses and debts
  • Distributing the legacies
  • Completing the administration and distributing the residuary estate

Probate Service

Estate administration can be an extremely daunting role. For family and friends, it may be too much emotionally for them to deal with the demands of various organisations, not to mention, time consuming.

Our Peace of Mind Probate Service provides outstanding support to Executors.

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