Peace of Mind Services are members of the Society of Will Writers.

Our services are delivered by a team of fully trained, skilled and trusted professionals who are experienced consultants and Will writers.

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Weatherill House
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Thousands of Wills cannot be found each year just when they are needed most. The sad truth is that if your will is lost and cannot be found, you will have died “Intestate” (without a Will). Having invested your time and money don’t take the risk of losing your very important documents.

At Peace of Mind Services, we offer secure storage facilities to ensure that your documents are always safe. It means that they will never be lost or mislaid, and more importantly, they will always be readily available to your Executors.

But I’ll store my documents at the bank, you may be thinking. Well, of course, you may, but your Executors may find it difficult to get access to them!

Contact us on 0845 264 1163 for further information on how you can make use of our document storage services—Safe, secure, and right at hand.